Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions

  1. If you use this website or the content present in here or any correspondence is provided by ASC Migration in good faith that does not necessarily mean you have a contract with our company.
  2. All the information present on this website is uploaded after verifying the content as much as possible. But still, if you find any error, omission or contrary interpretation of the subject matter then the company is not liable for it.
  3. Only for assessing the basic requirements of an applicant’s eligibility, we provide evaluation and assessment advice through our website ‘Free Assessment’, via a telephone enquiry or “an evaluation” (whether in person or electronically). A potential applicant can only advance the matter further via the conditions advised in point 6 below if they are found eligible.
  4. For getting an advance level immigration advice, the prospective visa applicant has to purchase or order a telephone, Skype or email consultation or have to engage our services by accepting our quotations to process their visa application through one of our paid services but only after we receive a signed service agreement.
  5. Purchasing or ordering a product, consultation or specialist service from us does not confirm that your visa application or migration matter will be processed by us.
  6. Each and every transaction is processed in Australian dollars and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) (applicable in Australia only) is included in it.
  7. 7. The potential visa applicants who have ordered or purchased an ASC Migration product and have gone through a Visa Eligibility Analysis report can credit their purchased product amount towards the cost of one of our paid services (condition apply).
  8. If anyone order or purchase any product from this website or from ASC Migration without a ‘Visa Eligibility Analysis’ report provided by the ASC Migration, they are doing it at their own risk and our company does not take any responsibility for it.
  9. Potential visa applicants who instruct us to process their matter can only do so after accepting our quotation and remitting the requested non-refundable deposit and thereafter remitting all information and/or evidence requested by us.
  10. Thereafter a signed ‘Service Agreement’ must be returned to ASC Migration, before each potential Australian immigrant can engage or contract with ASC Migration to represent their immigration matter and/or progress their application. If a signed ‘Service Agreement’ is not returned the remitted deposit will be forfeited.
  11. Potential overseas sponsored and/or nominated persons (either ‘in’ or ‘outside’ of Australia) will be represented only when their sponsor and/or nominator also signs a ‘Service Agreement’ to sponsor and/or nominate them.
  12. ASC Migration will not be responsible for any person who contacts us, by any means whatsoever, continuing to remain legally in Australia, if they have not registered as a client of ASC Migration, been fully evaluated as eligible to apply to migrate to Australia or remain in Australia and returned a signed ‘Service Agreement©’ if we have agreed to represent their matter.
  13. Information provided by any potential immigrant to ASC Migration via the ‘Free Assessment’ on this website or via any electronic means only evaluates if a potential immigrant will meet the ‘Basic Threshold Requirements’ for the granting of an Australian visa. It does not constitute definitive legal or immigration advice and it is not to be used by any potential immigrant to Australia as an indication of their potential visa eligibility.
  14. This ‘Free Assessment’ or any electronic evaluation/assessment is intended only to provide an indication of their visa prospects. Potential migrants must engage with ASC Migration and seek professional advice from ASC Migration before proceeding with any intention of immigrating to Australia. Only then will we fully evaluate their eligibility to immigrate to Australia and/or to be skilled assessed.
  15. Each potential immigrant acknowledges that ASC Migration accepts no responsibility for any different approach they may choose in immigrating to Australia and they therefore assume responsibility for using any information contained in this web site before it has been assessed by ASC Migration as confirmation of any potential immigrant’s suitability for immigration to Australia.
  16. ASC Migration accepts no responsibility for any loss of any data or software of any kind from any computer virus which may be activated or transmitted whilst you visit this web site or any other web site to which ASC Migration provides a link.
  17. We make no representations or warranties regarding this web site or any of its contents and we deny all liability for any loss or damage for any reliance on the information contained in this website.
  18. Links provided to other web sites are provided for your convenience and ASC Migration is not responsible for the information contained on those web sites. Those links do not constitute and endorsement or approval of that web site or any products or services offered on that web site.
  19. Services or processes provided by other websites or businesses ancillary to a migration or application matter are provided for your convenience and ASC Migration is not responsible for those processes or services.
  20. ASC Migration uses the Migration Act and the current Migration Regulations in assessing each potential immigrants eligibility to visit or migrate to Australia.
  21. We do not guarantee the success of any application, submission or appeal made on any potential immigrants behalf and we do not guarantee them employment or provide them with an evaluation of their employment prospects.
  22. ASC Migration, its directors, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors, and assigns do not accept any liability for any damages or losses whatsoever, arising out of, or in any way related to, the use of this site and any other site linked to this site.
  23. ASC Migration reserves the right to make any changes, modifications, additions, deletions and corrections to this web site, at any time and without notice.
  24. ASC Migration recommends that you peruse the “Consumer Guide”. document prepared by the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia.
  25. Migration Checklist Terms and Conditions
    (Additional to the majority of all conditions where applicable)
  26. A reference to “Statutory Authority” means the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or any approved Australian Assessment Authority.
  27. ASC Migration will provide a checklist detailing the documentary evidence each applicant needs to provide to any Statutory Authority for the specific application being applied for.
  28. ASC Migration will only process your matter using the provisions set out in the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1998 of Australia, or any statutory authority’s regulations which facilitate this process.
    No refund will be given if you terminate our service because;
    a. You made a mistake and/or wish to apply at a later time or
    b. You changed your mind and/or have reconsidered using our services or
    c. You cannot provide the requested evidence to support the criterion for visa grant or
    d. You do not wish to proceed as your Application will take longer to process than expected.
  29. ASC Migration cannot guarantee that any Application you make will be successful. The final decision on your application rests with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or any Statutory Authority alone and is beyond our influence.
  30. The statutory authority may make alterations, amendments and/or cancellations without notice

  31. ASC Migration cannot guarantee or provide you with a specific time that any statutory authority will take to process your matter.
  32. ASC Migration recommends that you peruse the following Code of Conduct document prepared by the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia to regulate Registered Migration Agents.
  33. ASC Migration complies fully with the Migration Agents Registration Authority’s ‘Code of Conduct’.
  34. All information provided by you to us will be treated with total confidentiality and privacy and will not be provided to any other party (including any family member, unless we receive contrary written authority from you) except to process your Application and the processes involved therein.
  35. You will not dispose of any property or assets, or make any changes to your employment, or plan any trips until formal advice of approval of your Application is received.
  36. ASC Migration will not be responsible for your personal or business taxation returns or responsibilities. You are advised to seek independent advice related to any taxation or financial matters.
  37. Any delays to lodging your application as a result of your failure to provide the information requested are entirely your responsibility as ASC Migration accepts no encumbrance in this regard whatsoever.
  38. Professional Visa Service and/or Pre-Lodgement Review Terms and Conditions
    (Additional to the majority of all conditions where applicable)
  39. ASC Migration will provide a report depending on the chosen Specialist Service you purchase. ASC Migration will not provide any representation to the Department of Immigration, any Assessment Authority or any Statutory Authority on your behalf.
  40. If you fail to supply us with adequate instructions, or fail to answer our communications, or fail to contact your appointed migration professional for one month, or if in our opinion we decide that continuing to represent you we may breach the Migration Act 1958 or the Migration Agents Regulations 1998 of Australia, or any statutory authority’s rules and/or regulations we will cease to act on your behalf and any fees you remitted fee will be forfeited in full for the service ordered.
  41. ASC Migration is not responsible for any potential immigrant continuing to remain a legal non-citizen of Australia. It is each of those person’s sole responsibility to ensure they have the correct visa to allow them to be in Australia.
Note: ASC Migration has the right to change the terms and conditions present on this website at any time. So, it is requested that you check the terms and conditions every time you visit our website.

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