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If we are engaged to process your matter via this service we will use a ‘Staged Migration Process’ to ensure that each potential Australian immigrant will meet the strict criteria set down by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the granting of a visa. Each applicant must meet the requirements of each stage before progressing.

After determining your pathway to Australia we will plan each applicant’s requirements. They will be provided with a list of the specific documents and evidence we need. We will review all this documentation and evidence and prepare any further advice necessary.

We will prepare all application forms and documentation and liaise with all third-party statutory authorities and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to ensure your matter is progressed without any delays.
We will prepare a submission to each statutory authority detailing your eligibility to meet the requirements for visa grant. We will lodge these submissions, all supporting documents and all application forms on your behalf.
After your application is lodged we will liaise with the appropriate section at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to ensure your lodged application meets their requirements. We will progress your matter and we will provide clarifications to the Department where necessary.

We will also communicate and provide clarification advice to you when necessary and will notify you immediately on receipt of the Department’s decision.

So ‘Sit back and relax’. We can handle every aspect of your application, all communications and all form filling. Engage the professionals at ASC Migration to process your matter with the confidence you expect.
Contact us now to begin your journey to Australia with ASC Migration.

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Consultation Programmes

Our consultation services are extremely popular and great value! We have solved many problematic issues for previous clients, and continually do so. So, if you want a consultation which will be specific, up-to-date and provided by a dedicated and leading migration professional choose one of the delivery methods below.

Face 2 Face – Telephone – Skype® – Email

If you are in Australia, choose a Face 2 Face consultation.

Or if you are overseas and/or you cannot attend our offices, remember we have offices in London and Dublin, or choose either telephone, Skype® or an Email consultation.

All our consultations are specific and will provide all the information you need such as;

• Which subclass of visa best suits your current immigration status.
• The strict criteria that applies to the grant of a visa subclass.
• How to address the eligibility criteria you fail to meet or options to do so.
• The time taken to process a visa in the chosen subclass.
• The likely costs to process your matter and your options.
• The processes we follow and the stages to successfully progress your matter.
• The documentary evidence you’ll need to provide to support your application.
• A written report regarding our opinion and your options.

All consultations are provided by an Australian Registered Migration Agent who will provide the specific and precise information you need. Our ‘Face 2 Face’ ‘Telephone’ and ‘Skype®’ consultations are for 30 minutes or you may prefer to correspond with us by ‘Email’ using our unique ‘Question and Answer’ template.

Gaining entry to Australia is not an easy task and requires a great amount of expertise and familiarity with the current Australian Migration Regulations (which all Australian migration agents MUST be cognisant of).

At ASC Migration Visas, we deal with migration matters differently. We use a ‘Staged’ process so that we can GUARANTEE that each potential immigrant will be eligible to apply for migration to Australia before they expend large amount of monies to do so.

Remember: In Australia, immigration advisors must be registered with the Australian Governments Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Consequently, your Australian Registered Migration Agent will be a highly-skilled professional who will guarantee your investment? If not – why not? ASC Migration Visas will.

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