Student Visas

While you must be enrolled at an Australian University before applying for your student visa, it is important to understand your complete migration pathway before, during and after you graduate. Will your degree allow you to reside in Australia permanently if you choose to? What migration pathways are available to you with the degree you are seeking to attain? We at ASC Migration want to ensure your studying experience in Australia is as stress-free as possible which means that removing the stress of how your visa will be handled will allow you to fully focus on your studies.
Currently enrolled in an Australian University? Ask for a consultation by selecting “Eligibility Analysis – Student Visa only” from the menu on the following page.
Not currently enrolled in an Australian University? Complete a Free Assessment before we conduct an Eligibility Analysis today.

“By choosing ASC Migration to lodge your Visa application, you can save $000’s compared to other migration agents. See our ‘Fees and Costs page HERE’ for more information.”

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