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Thank you for choosing to make Australia home. ASC Migration will make your transition easy.
ASC Migration has been providing peace of mind to numerous individuals and families since 2003 with 99.5% of our clients satisfied with the outcome of their visa application and our professional services.
Surprisingly, many potential immigrants end up losing thousands of dollars simply by applying for the wrong visa, or by applying for a visa without the necessary evidence which is why migration agents exist to give you every opportunity to get it right the first time.

ASC Migration Visa Application
ASC Migration, as well as being more affordable than most migration agencies, has one of the highest client satisfaction rates of any agency in Australia which is why more people are choosing to emigrate with ASC Migration.

Visas to enter Australia are in a constant state of change which is why it is important to utilise our services to maximise your chances of a successful outcome for your visa application. While general visa advice is available from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, specific professional advice can only be given to you by a Registered Migration Agent. Unfortunately, too many people are left thousands of dollars worse off by using unregistered agents or simply following advice found online in order to save a few dollars. Well, we can’t make the application fees cheaper, but we can go to great lengths to ensure that you don’t pay it twice. Contact ASC Migration today and get your adventure started today.

“By choosing ASC Migration to lodge your Visa application, you can save thousands of dollars compared to other migration agents. See our ‘Fees and Costs page HERE’ for more information.”

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